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We provide discretionary, non discretionary and NRB portfolio services under SEC Merchant Banker & Port-folio manager rules 1996) for our valued clients. Clients can sell and buy securities on both the Exchanges (DSE & CSE) through MTB Securities Limited and Square Securities Management Ltd.
MTBCL has three types of Portfolio Management accounts. (Under SEC Merchant Banker & Port-folio Manager Rules 1996)

a) Discretionary-

Key Features:-
   Minimum Investment Amount: Individual: BDT 5.00 lac
   Minimum Investment Amount: Institution: BDT 50.00 lac
   Minimum Investment Horizon: 1 Year
   Margin Loan Facility: Yes, based on investor's preference
   Operation: No involvement of the client, portfolio-manager will deal the whole business.

Fees and Charges:
   Documentation Fee: BDT 1000
   Management Fee: 2.50% p.a. calculated daily, charged quarterly on Market Value.
   Settlement Fee: 0.40% on the transaction value
   Interest Rate on Margin Loan: 16% (+)
   Below 1 year termination fee: 0.50% total asset value of portfolio

b) Non-Discretionary-

Key Features:-
   Minimum Investment Amount: Individual: BDT 1.00 lac (Negotiable)
   Minimum Investment Amount: Institution: BDT (Negotiable)
   Margin Loan Facility: Yes, based on investor's preference
   Operation: As per client's direct instruction.

Fees and Charges:
   Documentation Fee: BDT 1000
   Management Fee: 1.50% p.a. calculated daily, charged quarterly on Market Value.
   Settlement Fee: 0.40% on the transaction value
   Interest Rate on Margin Loan: 16% (+)
   Assisted Fee: 0.25%, calculated daily, charged quarterly on Market Value.
   Other Depository Services: At Actual
   Fund Netting: Allowed
   Electronic Trade ( quarterly): Free
   Tax Investment Certificate: Free
   Statement Notification {Mail-(quarterly)} :BDT 100.00
   Tele Trading SMS: Free

c) MTB Green Cap-

MTB Green Cap” is a fully investment solution by investors’ own equity. “MTB Green Cap” is introduced totally for those investors who want to keep themselves in safe side or not to take margin loan. Merchant bank’s clients are usually can trade only with the margin account so they are keeping themselves in some obligations of loan. As we know most of the capital market investors have experienced some negative impact of margin loan from the huge collapse in recent Past. So to reduce that impression we need to introduce this “MTB Green Cap” account where investors will have the full authority to do trade.

Account Opening Form

Clients Benefit at a glance:

   It will help from the both side as it is a business of win- win situation. Because clients are free from loan burden and we can also make some revenue.
   There is no risk to get stuck with the trade. ( no debt- Equity ratio barrier)
   Investors will not have any barriers in any stock (Margin- Non margin issues)
   Investors are free from any charges i.e. management fee, Interest etc.
   We will apply IPOs on behalf of the clients with the consent of Clients.
   Through individual BO (Beneficial owner) account clients can link between their existing BO account with MTB Capital and existing BO account in other brokerage houses.
   No Initial /Mandatory deposits.

Who will be our client?

   This product MTB Green cap, we are highly suggesting to those investors who are ready for the long-term investment. As there are no hidden or extra charges so this will be the ultimate investment solution to them.
   Small investors those who don’t want to take loan.
   Big Corporate investors to keep their long term Investments.
Regular day Traders.
   Any Bangladeshi Adult can avail this product’s facilities.

Our Service

   Our main duty will be execute clients order as early as possible as this business will be totally on clients own equity. But to some extent we need to follow some regulatory issues in purchasing any shares or netting each others.
   On time trading solution through phone, sms, email, fax etc.
   Ensuring the trade settlement with comply with the rules of BSEC.
   Competitively lower commission rate from others on every transactions.
   Email portfolios after successful trading day.
   Choice of trading from different panel brokers of MTB Capital Ltd.
   Specific Relationship Manager for every client to provide solution.

Fees and Charges

   Documentation Fee: Tk. 500/- (one off)
   Settlement Fee/ Commission: 0.040% on transaction value
   Yearly CDBL fee: as per CDBL's regulation BDT 500 per Anam.
   Lower commission rate on higher transaction value ( i.e.: transaction above 5 million, 0.037% on that value)
   No hidden charges.
   No initial or mandatory deposit.

Required Document

   2 Copies of Passport size photos of Applicants.
   1 Copy of Passport Size photo of Nominee.
   National ID of Applicants.
   Current Bank statements of Applicant.

     Account Opening Form

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