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   Deals with those organizations who want to raise capital from institution & public investors through IPO, BOND, Right Issue, and Repeat IPO.
   At the same time providing corporate advisory services including accounts preparation, tax, VAT & RJSC related works.

Scope of Work as Issue Manager

   Conduct preliminary assessment to understand whether the company is eligible to step-in to the capital market
   Visit Issuer's Corporate Office & Factory Premises
   Conduct due diligence appraisal of the company's affairs for ensuring proper disclosure of all material facts
   Review previous and current audited/management accounts of the Issuer Company and analyze financial indicators
   Determination of Issue Price and Issue Size in consultation with the Issuer.
   Preparation of Prospectus/ Offer Document inline with the guide lines of SEC
   Arranging necessary Appointments-Chartered Accountants Farms, Underwriters, Bankers-to-the-Issue, Post-Issue Manager, Credit Rating Agency, Legal Advisor, Valuer ( incase of asset revaluation)
   Submission of Draft Prospectus and Supplementary Documents to SEC, DSE& CSE for IPO approval.
   After receiving the final consent from SEC, the Issue Manager co-ordinates and assists the Issuer Post-Approval Course of Action leading to Listing

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